Bingham Cup Sydney 2014



We are making it as easy as possible for you and your club to find a great place to rest your heads when you come to Oz for Bingham Cup Sydney 2014.

Mecure Hotel Potts Point

We are pleased to announce the Mecure as the Tournament’s Host Hotel, and primary pick-up location for the bus transfer for players and officials to the game-day fields. The hotel will host the Pre-Tournament Registration Center.

Accommodation Service

Access the accommodation system HERE

Or – Email our local accommodation specialists at

For a summary of rates, check out the rates: Accommodation Price list

After a thorough and competitive process, we’ve appointed a dedicated agent, Pan Pacific, to help you with accommodation bookings and enquiries. Pan Pacific offers IGRAB clubs proven experience in managing accommodation for major sport tournaments, as well as competitive bulk-discount rates specially negotiated with local hotels.

What do Participants need to do?

If your club is not coordinating accommodation or you are unaffiliated you can still use the great services and offers provided by Pan Pacific. Just go to Pan Pacific website and choose accommodation suitable for you.

What do clubs need to do?

Before starting the booking process, your clubs will need to make a few decisions:

1) Appoint a contact person – Choose the person who will act as the key contact for accommodation. This may be the same person acting as your Club Liaison and tour manager.

 2) Choose a hotel – Typically, clubs want everyone to stay at a single location. Your chosen contact person should email Pan Pacific at to find the right accommodation for your club.

 3) Choose the method of booking – Clubs can make a bulk booking for the whole team, or ask individuals players to make bookings themselves. Bookings by individuals will be associated to a team’s booking. We recommend bulk booking requests are directed to Pan Pacific by email with bookings by individuals via Pan Pacific’s online system.

 4) Choose how to pay – Teams can make a bulk payment on behalf of their team, or Pan Pacific can collect payments directly from individual players and supporters.

Why organise through Pan Pacific?

1) Outsourced Management – Save yourself from the headache of managing the changing travel plans of their individual players. Pan Pacific will work directly with players and supporters, and keep your club’s contact person informed so you can keep track of all accommodation arrangements.

 2) Very Competitive Rates – Take advantage of special rates negotiated with local hotels, as well as the latest limited time sales as they become available.

 3) Delayed Payment – Benefit from delayed payment terms. Most discounted room rates require immediate payment but Pan Pacific has been able to negotiate with hotels to accept payment in mid-July 2014, 6 weeks prior to the tournament. Pan Pacific will directly follow-up with the club or players two months prior to payment due date.

Access to the online Accommodation Service will be made available here. For a summary of rates, check out the rates: Accommodation Price list